Welcome to Same Day Taj Mahal Tour
Comfort Tours of India's same day Taj Mahal is particularly for those who are visiting the country for short time or have less time to explore something wonderful. In the same day Taj Mahal Tour with comfort Tours of India, you will get to explore the one and the famous Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal was built by the famous Mughal king 'Shah Jahan' for his beloved wife 'Mumtaz.'

There are so many wonderful things to explore in Taj Mahal. For instance, travelers can enjoy the enormous beautiful architecture designs of marbles. Another mind-blowing thing that you will find at Taj Mahal would be visiting the great monument of love during the time of sunset or sunrise. At that time, one can witness the changing colors of marbles and it would be the wonderful experience for travelers to visit Taj in the morning or evening.

The great monument of adore is the great symbol of love. Apart from this, Comfort Tours of India's representative will also take you to other two world heritage sites. Come and visit the seventh wonder of the world with Comfort Tours of India and feel the power of love at Taj Mahal.
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